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The Great Debator - Debate Competition

Let your words be the shield, opinion your blade, assertiveness your virtue and let combat be your aim. Debate your stand!


1st -Prizes worth ` Rs 5,000/-

2nd -Prizes worth ` Rs 3,000/-

3rd -Prizes worth ` Rs 2,000/-

Rules and Guidelines
  1. Each team consists of 2 members.
  2. All the participants must be dressed in western formals.
  3. No slang must be used in the speech.
  4. A warning bell would be rung after 4 minutes, from where the participant would have only 1 minute to conclude his/her speech.
  5. One of the team members will present the speech and the other will discuss it during the rebuttal round.
  6. During the rebuttal round, a person who has given the speech is not allowed to interrupt. If found doing so the team will be disqualified.
  7. Any misbehavior can lead to the disqualification of the team.
  8. The decisions of the judges will be final & binding to all teams.
  9. All rights are reserved by IIPM.
  10. Abiding by the time limit is mandatory.
  11. Participants have to carry their college id card and registration slip with them all the time.
  12. Participants should carry their confirmation slip when they come for the event based on this they will be given the registration slip.
  • Diti Vyas.
  • Arvind Rajshekhar.
  • Sadhna Suri.
Contact Us

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  1. Prashani Pareek
  2. Yash Acharya
  1. Vijay Tulsani
  2. Prateek Singh
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