The theme for Amaze this year is ‘Free Your Mind’, a motto that, among other things, represents liberation of thought and action. “Where the mind is without fear”, Rabindranath Tagore wrote, obviously referring to ‘freedom’ under his poetic breath, “and the head is held high”. Imagine Paul Baumgartner, 40 km above Earth’s surface, filled with fear, instead of the calm confidence he exuded when he took the giant leap. Would he have jumped? Could he have made history? Imagine Mahatma Gandhi full of violent hatred towards the colonial forces instead of the sacrificial philosophy of non-violence. Would he be a Mahatma? Could he have inspired other historic figures like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Aung San SuuKyi? Or just imagine… What if America and to a large extent the Americans still believed that Afro-Americans belong to the ghettos. Could a black man occupy the White House? Would the ‘change’ Barack Obama spoke so passionately about have ever come about?

Fear, hate, self-doubt, prejudices, obsessive greed etc. have all caused the fall of giants. Has war ever solved problems? How far can you go if you doubt your motives and abilities?
A free mind is a healthy mind. A free mind represents neutrality and is a dynamic state. It is also something that embodies the youth of today. When we consider that freedom of thought and desecration of prejudice are some of the loudest echoing thoughts around the world today, we believe the theme ‘Free Your Mind’ voices the thoughts of every free soul out there! Now imagine if all the stress, doubt and anxiety in our mind is replaced with positive energy and euphoria. That is exactly what Amaze stands for.

‘Free Your Mind’ slogan writing competition is a unique event being organised in over 1000 colleges across India as a prelude to AMAZE. Express your thoughts/ideas/beliefs by writing a slogan on the theme. Email us at to know more details.
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